Due to high yields, fruit crops demand timely and constant nutrition by adequate fertilizers. Classic fertilizers have a leading role in basic nutrition, but supplementary nutrition is an inevitable factor for regular plant growth and development of fruits. By supplementary nutrition, foliar or fertigation, it is possible to fully satisfy the needs of the plants in every phenophase stage and also remove deficiencies in macro, micro or secondary nutrients.

A broad range of FitoFert products enables full nutrition of crops using adequate fertilizers. FitoFert fertilizers are unique because we do not offer just one universal product, but a wide range of them, which if used in the right way, achieve significant positive effects.

Positive effects are most often evident in strengthening and increasing plant vitality, developing resistance to various stress conditions (temperature, pesticides), increase in the yield, quality and marketability of the fruits. Also, advantages of FitoFert products result in improved transportability and longevity of the fruits, as well as elimination of diseases caused by physiological deficiencies.

Nutrition of fruit should be carried out in accordance with current development stage of the plants and their needs for specific nutrients. Foliar nutrition should be always applied together with plant protection treatment, where corresponding phenophases should be considered.