Agro Service Fitofert in cooperation with our distributor Agromarket provides servicing of a number of our customers. The service is reflected in the analysis, expertise and recommendations and is primarily focused on the growers of vegetables and fruits. The agronomists with many years of experience in the production of vegetables and fruits, equipped with special devices for field testing of soil, irrigation water, and plant tissue, are capable of determining the parameters by which to create a formula for plant nutrition and cultivation technology. Our intention is that through this kind of service we provide our customers with the optimal and cost-effective production.

Measurement of pH of bothsoil and substrate enables us to determine a potential blockage of any macro- or micro-elements, ie. their availability to cultivated crops. Determining EC, i.e., salinity of soil and irrigation water.The control of the nitrogen and potassium content from plant tissue (the ratio of N-K). This parameter is essential for making the correct formula for feeding that will cause growth and development of vegetable and fruit crops. All of the above data, together with the analysis of the soil, are parameters based on which we get the correct feeding formula for the cultivated plants.

Dissolving Crystal Fertilizers

Some problems might occur while dissolving crystal fertilizers due to the use of hard and carbonated water. FITOFERT crystal fertilizers contain a high dose of additional acidity that is used for softening water, but water with extremely high levels of hardness needs additional chemical softening for an effective action of fertilizers and pesticides. For all the problems that may arise during the dissolution of crystal fertilizers contact our technical service or laboratory Fertico Enterprises ltd. at tel. 018 564 443.

Importance of plant nutrition

Plant nutrition is one of the most important segments of growing plants. Proper nutrition means that the plant has sufficient nutrients of all kinds (macro, secondary and micro elements), optimal pH soil humus content and a proper water regime. Each plant species has a certain specificity in terms of nutrients, and it changes depending on the stage the plant is. Optimum nutrition means that the plant has the available amounts of nutrients in line with current need. If there is less quantity of one of the nutrients, according to Liebig’s law the plant will level the use other nutrients based on the one which is missing. The absence of nutritious elements are initially manifested as chlorosis, lack of chlorophyll, while serious deficiencies produce stunted plants susceptible to disease and all results in a drastic reduction in yield and fruit quality. Sometimes the excess nutrients (increased presence of some nutrient elements than needed) are just as bad because in this way unwanted processes will be stimulated in the development of plants or provoke antagonisms in the absorption of other nutrients.