By June 12, 2018Novosti

Another significant recognition of Fitofert products came at this year’s 85th International Fair of Agriculture in Novi Sad, thanks to the gold medal for which our new foliar, biostimulative fertilizer for oil crops was awarded – FITOFERT SPEED S.

FITOFERT SPEED S is a formulation for the foliar treatment of oilfield crops (soybean, sunflower and rapeseed), which contains microelements important for this group of crops, as well as bioactive components that stimulate various physiological processes. The application of this fertilizer improves the adoption of microelements, which are usually difficult for soil with higher pH, as well as due to colder meteorological conditions. It is therefore important to know that timely treatment of crops with this formulation can accelerate the development of the root system and the above-ground part of the plant, which as a result has a positive effect on the crops of oil crops.


Contains microelements important for this group of crops, as well as bioactive components that stimulate the various physiological processes

In addition to the award-winning product, at one of the largest events in the field of agriculture in the region, Fertico and Agromarket presented a wide range of products in the form of high-quality pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, irrigation systems, tools and gardening programs.

For our company, this is a powerful incentive and proof that commitment to quality and the development of the most up-to-date product range in line with the world’s leading standards is already proven to be the way in which we are working together with our partners and farmers who have been trusting us for years.

If you want to know more about our Gold Medal winner, or to ask us any questions about our products, feel free to contact us at any time. It will be our pleasure to meet you and answer all your questions.